Education, workplace and vending

Away from the healthcare sector there is also a great demand for the Steamplicity product.


Steamplicity comes in a format suitable for school dining-room meal solutions in 6 and 12-portion multi packs that are only freshly steamed minutes before serving the food to students.

Our team of experts have created all of our dishes and as well as being nutritionally balanced, they also reflect everything we know about young people's tastes and demands in food.

Steamplicity delivers consistent quality every time especially when school meal times are not always fixed or can change at short notice.


Steamplicity can bring great benefits to workplace catering, from simple consistency and product quality day after day, through to space and energy savings.

Steamplicity's quick and simple cooking process means that meal numbers can be increased or decreased easily on the day, dependent on demand, having little or no impact on the level of customer service - whilst minimising waste, especially in the smaller contracts. The Steamplicity solution can also deliver significant labour productivity improvements, should it be necessary.

All Steamplicity dishes are nutritionally analysed, which means that every dish at the point of sale can be displayed with full guideline daily amount (GDA) labels, enabling customers to make informed healthy choices.

Retail & Vending

An ideal method for offering hot food around the clock or simply as a service enhancement, the Steamplicity retail oval range can be dispensed from a stand alone vending machine as well as be sold out of retail chillers in on-site convenience stores offering the ultimate in

For ultimate choice and convenience, full nutritional analysis and cooking instructions are displayed on the packaging. The meals can be cooked in either a standard domestic microwave oven or using a Steamplicity vending suite at the point of sale.

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