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Steam cooking maximises the flavour and nutrition of our meals, whilst ensuring consistent quality is delivered to our patients. We are passionate about food development and every meal is developed from start to finish at our Cuisine Centres. A combination of patient survey results, client feedback and food trend reports help to determine which meals make it onto our menus.


By introducing Steamplicity a trust can make savings on waste, energy and labour. These funds can then be used to support estates and development plans.

Energy Saving

The cooking method use circa 40% less energy than conventional methods of catering to patients.

Space saving

Steamplicity is an ideal solution for ward kitchens and only requires a small amount of counter top space at ward level. Every other day deliveries of fresh meals mean that the only part of a regular hospital kitchen that is needed is a large chiller to store the meals.

Waste saving

With Steamplicity, waste of unserved meals is typically under 2%, with many sites running at circa 0.5%.


The Steamplicity system provides an excellent provision for freshly steamed meals 24 hours a day and patients can receive a hot meal outside of protected mealtimes. The á la carte menu includes over 25 hot meals including smaller portions, meal soups and finger food meals for patients living with dementia.


Steam cooking retains more nutrients than other forms of cooking so that food is healthier and tastes better. The steam-cooking process works through the use of a patented steam-release valve that controls the pressure in the packaging to cook the ingredients to perfection in minutes. The patented steam release valve is able to control the pressure in the packaging resulting in perfectly steam-cooked ingredients consistently in every meal. Food also retains its colour, texture and more of the valuable nutrients.