Steam-Release Technology

Each Esteem meal is packed with a broad range of raw ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fish fillets and chicken breasts, placed into individual compartmental trays. The special patented steam-release valve incorporated into the bespoke packaging enables the ingredients to be cooked from raw rather than be pre-cooked, chilled and then re-generated closer to service time like other chilled food catering options.

Approved microwave ovens are used to freshly steam-cook Esteem food. As soon as you press the start button, the steam-release valve gets to work. The microwave’s energy creates steam from water present in the ingredients and as steam builds up, the patented valve controls how the pressure is released. In addition to the valve, each compartment in the packaging has a varying strength of seal to create different cooking intensities. This clever use of packaging ensures that all the ingredients are cooked fully and safely.

Other chilled food manufacturers cannot replicate the process due to the patented steam-release valve technology. Compass Group is the only licensed company to use the valve in a food service environment.

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