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What we do

The mv2 integrated logistics offer ensures the best use of resources and drives up quality and efficiency, by integrating the following services:

Patient Transportation

Patient transportation teams move patients, equipment and numerous other medical paraphernalia between the various areas of a hospital.

Patient transportation operatives are essential in maintaining the smooth running of a hospital. A significant aspect of the job is patient care. They transfer patients to and from various locations, such as from the ward to the x-ray department. They can also deliver patients’ meals and clear away their plates after they have finished eating.

Critically they also provide emotional support to patients. They often have to comfort and reassure those who are feeling weak or distressed. Sometimes they also have to placate irritable or obstinate patients. The role is always varied and interesting: porters help people of all ages and from different walks of life on a daily basis.

Waste management

Any facility the size of an average hospital generates and moves a significant amount of waste on a day-to-day basis. Removal of waste will critically keep major areas clutter free, whilst ensuring that for sensitive waste a discrete, safe and legally compliant service is provided. This also ensures that the waste management provision segregates streams that require responsible handling in a timely way, thus minimising the impact on the hospital environment.

Management systems

mv2 provides professional, consistent and discrete services that provide efficient and timely outputs. In this area, discreet and safe handling of information, equipment and resources is critical, as is the ability to optimise the client experience through continual performance reviews.


We will introduce global best practice systems to manage stock in a professionally and securely. Our processes and systems reduce the amount of handling and ensure the integrity, accuracy, control and protection of stock at all times.


Our approach to supporting outdoor requirements puts the focus on safety: the management and protection of external hospital environments, all of which impact on patient and visitor first impressions.

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