Our People

One single aim: to keep the hospital moving, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our people

Nearly [2,000] mv2 team members are delivering great service each and every day in a range of hospital settings. Whether they are directly focused on patient needs, or they are supporting other aspects of the hospital operation, they are walking an average of 6 miles a day – greeting, carrying, collecting, checking, reassuring, directing, rescuing, empathising, delivering.

Each one of them is trained fully in the technical skills necessary to deliver a positive patient experience to a great standard. We also make sure that they work safely through HSE training, dedicated training on manual handling and basic infection control training. The final touch, and the element that makes our teams different, is the focus on behaviours.

mv2 team members go through the same learning process that all Medirest colleagues go through. It is focused on the needs of patients, NHS colleagues and visitors, and recognition of the essential role that support teams play in the day-to-day performance of a hospital. It is underpinned by our values – teamwork, responsibility, can do, passion and integrity. We believe it is this last element that truly drives engagement and the highest levels of performance.

Logistics Heroes

Every day, mv2 team members make a difference. Some days, that difference is small, something that may go unnoticed by almost everyone but is valued nonetheless – a smile or a comforting word as a patient is taken to an operating theatre. At other times, it is something more serious. Greeting an obviously concerned young parent at a hospital front entrance, one of the on-site mv2 team realised instantly that her baby was very seriously ill; asking the parent to follow him, he rapidly took the infant to A&E without a moment’s delay where the baby was treated immediately and successfully. His quick thinking, professionalism and compassion saved a life. And for him, it was simply part of the job.

The speech got us thinking. Where can we make small improvements, day by day that, when put together, will produce a consistent winning performance that our customers will really notice and appreciate? We have called the result of our deliberations and research The Medirest Way.

As the saying goes, God is in the details. It’s not enough to produce the best quality and most nutritious food and beverage. We want to do much more than ensure all of our hospitals are clean to the highest possible standards.

We are aiming way beyond delivering an efficient and effective Porter service. Whilst all of these things are vital to achieve, there are so many small details that also require our attention and focus. And through consistently improving them, we believe that we offer you an overall level of service that puts us ahead of all our competitors.

Moreover, this mindset and daily focus will ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service through our fantastic people and to achieve the level of results that will help you and us win together.

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