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Our Credentials

mv2 is one of Medirest’s core service offers. As well as logistics, Medirest provides a full range of support services, from catering, cleaning and security, to retail, waste management and linen and laundry. Like every other service, mv2 benefits from the strength and expertise of the global Compass Group, of which Medirest is part.

  • expertise – with nearly 2,000 patient porters and logistics co-ordinators in its ranks, Medirest has a deep heritage of keeping hospitals moving

  • using Compass’s scale, the mv2 brand provides the best equipment, materials, chemicals and tools to do the job

  • connecting to other Compass countries, Medirest ensures that the very latest healthcare logistics thinking is adopted into the UK business

  • with Medirest’s reach, we offer specialist services as part of the mv2 brand – full security services via national provider VSG (part of Compass Group), g, pest control and waste management

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