New Thinking

Moving patients, products and supplies around the hospital with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss

We know from our catering and cleaning work in the healthcare sector that one of the core challenges to face any establishment is the constant need to have things (and people) in place, so that the core medical work can take place without delays and cancellations.

Using our logistical skills, derived not only from Medirest, but through its parent company, Compass, we cast a critical eye over the existing methodologies and have devised a total service proposition that covers all your needs.

  • Holistic Approach

    Our single aim is to keep the hospital moving, efficiently and cost-effectively through the smooth running of a wide range of logistics activities. To find out more ...

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  • Our Services

    mv2 takes care of all the specialist jobs, so you can focus on your primary business,to keep your facility operating at optimum performance levels. To find out more...

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  • Core areas and benefits

    Bringing all logistic solutions under one banner – from portering to garden maintenance - means one recognised leader delivering all non-medical logistics services. To find out more ...

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