Medirest and Compass

Medirest is the UK’s market-leading provider of integrated facilities management services to the healthcare sector, and its logistics brand is mv2.


Healthcare establishments and healthcare professionals trust mv2 to move patients, products and supplies around their facilities efficiently and on schedule, to keep the hospital moving.

mv2 is built around your needs and those of your patients and users. We tailor our solution to meet the challenges you face. We use our technology resources to maximise the effectiveness of our services.

Whatever your establishment, nothing happens unless the logistics of the place works.

Our approach is based on long healthcare experience, and is founded on clear and accountable leadership, fully engaged and trained teams, and a fine detail approach to systems and processes.

mv2 is a unique, pioneering proposition that uses the strengths and experience of our global parent company to ensure you can get on with what you’re best at: patient care.

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