Holistic Approach

One single aim: to keep the hospital moving, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Holistic Approach

"Do you know how many people are moving patients, products and supplies around your hospital every day? Do you know how effective these teams are? Are they working optimally? How are they managed? How do you keep a hospital delivering high-quality patient care each and every day, with everyone and everything in the right place at the right time, ready when it’s needed?

Studies have suggested that a third of a typical hospital’s cost base is invested in a range of logistics activities, but rarely is there a total view of the activity, the value it is adding and the potential to drive up efficiency. We know what the NHS invests in cleaning each year, but there is little clarity around the time, effort and resources deployed in a hospital’s logistical activities.

Why is this important? Because a great patient experience is highly dependent on the smooth running of a wide range of logistics activities: does the patient experience a positive welcome from a porter who takes them to a ward? Does a patient reach theatre on time? When a patient needs oxygen or drugs, are they available? Will linen be there, so that a patient’s bed is ready on time?

Medirest, the UK’s market leading provider of integrated facilities management services to the healthcare sector, has recognised this gap and has created a pioneering proposition to address this opportunity.

Our new offer brings all these essential elements into a holistic approach for hospital logistics activities. The proposition has a clear, single aim – ‘Keeping your hospital moving’.

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