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We work in healthcare environments throughout the country, taking care of workplace conditions, so that medical staff can concentrate with confidence on patient treatment and care.

What we do

A+ works with the ‘The Clean Hospitals’ programme aims, which were set out to:

  • ensure the patient environment is safe, clean, warm and welcoming.

  • develop new national standards for cleanliness to apply in all hospitals.

  • give patients the opportunity to provide feedback on the hospital environment, so that hospitals can respond sensitively to these needs.

  • give ward sisters and charge nurses greater control over the cleanliness and overall appearance of their wards.

  • provide hospitals with support and best practice advice through Patient Environment Action Teams (PEAT).

a+ fully complies with and exceeds the needs of the strategic ‘deep clean’ action plan initiated in 2007/8 by the Department of Health following acknowledgement of the vital role that hygiene played in combatting the rise and prevalence of MRSA and associated super bugs within hospitals and associated institutions throughout the UK.

It was recognised that regular local ward deep cleansing activity was critical to combat ad-hoc health hazards and challenges from flooding to ward refurbishments to outbreaks of infection.

a+ supports and provides deep cleaning security to Healthcare Trusts, charged by the Department of Health to provide and operate strategic cleaning plans and activity, which meet the high standards of cleaning enshrined within the DOH published hygiene code.

a+ works in partnership with our clients, their patient stakeholders (supporting the needs of both the National Patient Safety Agency and Patient Environment Action Teams), to develop and mobilise strategic and tactical cleaning activities against an agreed set of key performance indicators, which provide the basis of cleaning schedules and audits, via our market-leading Prism performance monitoring programme.

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