The Medirest Way

‘We’re all working together to help patients get better.’

Medirest Way

One of the most empowering messages of The Medirest Way is that whatever your job is at the hospital, whether you’re a porter, doctor, domestic or nurse, we are all here to do the same thing, which is to help people get better.

Once our teams realise just what an important role each individual has in achieving that, it changes their belief and therefore their attitude and behaviour, and ultimately it changes the results we help to achieve in the overall patient and customer experience.

Olympic Success Translated

Back in 2009 Shane Sutton, the Head Coach of the British Olympic Cycling and the Sky Tour de France Teams, gave a speech to our people. He talked about how everyone in the team strives on a daily basis to be the best they can be and about the importance of the aggregation of multiple small improvements in many different areas to delivery a step change in performance. The net effect of this was 14 Gold Medals at the Beijing Games and more recently a better performance in the London 2012 Olympics. We, along with the rest of the nation, were mightily impressed.

The speech got us thinking. Where can we make small improvements, day by day that, when put together, will produce a consistent winning performance that our customers will really notice and appreciate? We have called the result of our deliberations and research The Medirest Way.

As the saying goes, God is in the details. It’s not enough to produce the best quality and most nutritious food and beverage. We want to do much more than ensure all of our hospitals are clean to the highest possible standards.

We are aiming way beyond delivering an efficient and effective Porter service. Whilst all of these things are vital to achieve, there are so many small details that also require our attention and focus. And through consistently improving them, we believe that we offer you an overall level of service that puts us ahead of all our competitors.

Moreover, this mindset and daily focus will ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service through our fantastic people and to achieve the level of results that will help you and us win together.

What do we do?

There is a great story about NASA and a particular scientist that worked there. As she was so motivated by her work, it was not uncommon for her to still be in her office past midnight. One particular night, she was leaving the building very late at night when she noticed another lady cleaning the floor. The cleaner looked very busy, so the scientist decided not to disturb her. The next night, at around the same time, the scientist saw the cleaner again. Surprised at the fact that it was so late to be cleaning, she stopped and asked the cleaner what she was doing. The cleaner was also surprised at the question itself because she thought that the mission was clear to everyone. "What am I doing?" she replied, "I am helping to put a man on the moon."

This story exemplifies the importance of every single role in the team towards the achievement of the overall mission. Excellence is not a single act of a particular individual, no matter how talented and important they are. It is the collective habit of everyone in the team. When everyone is focused on delivering their contribution to the team as well as they possibly can, great things happen. The Medirest Way has been and is being delivered to every single member of our teams in our hospitals. At the outset of the workshop, we ask our people what it is they do. The answers vary from role to role and invariably elicit a job title. We then share with them the NASA story, and through the lens of that story we ask them again what it is they do. It is inspiring to hear how their answers change so quickly. "We help people get better", "We look after our patients", "We look after the welfare of people who need us," are the kind of responses we hear now. Moreover, when people think of their work in this way, they feel very differently about what they do, and even how they perceive themselves.

How do we do it?

Martin Luther King once said in an inspiring speech that if you are going to be a street sweeper, make sure your streets are the cleanest in town. This is another of the key messages of The Medirest Way to all of our people. Whatever it is that you do in our hospitals, make sure that you do it as well as you possibly can. And what does this mean in practical terms? Well, it’s back to the small details. We want to make sure that our people are outstanding in every aspect of their role. We are focused on our contribution to helping people get better. Our goal is for our customers to really feel that they have received world-class service in the pursuit of their recovery and wellbeing.

The Research

The so-called soft side of service delivery involves the quality of the human interactions, the daily 50,000 moments of truth that occur when we are with our customers. An increasingly large number of different researchers have been demonstrating the links between positivity and healing. In other words, your consistent state of being has a tremendous impact on your health. And the research goes still further. Mindset, both positive and negative, is contagious. So, not only does the way you are effect how you feel, it also affects the people around you, for good or for ill. This was our starting point for The Medirest Way. Kindness, positivity, courtesy, caring, helpfulness and generosity are the healing qualities through which we aim to manifest The Medirest Way.

Delivering The Medirest Way

As with most great ideas, the key is executing consistently. To help us achieve this, we engaged an organisation who helped us develop this programme. They work with and are endorsed by Shane Sutton. Their unique contribution has been to translate the messages of The Medirest Way in such a way as to capture the imagination of our people. The issue is how you get a message across to thousands of people, in a very short time and in such a way that the people actually buy in to the message and behave differently as a response.

Our Managers go through a one-day workshop, and their teams a half-day workshop, with a difference. This is not a corporate power-point presentation. It is a jargon-free zone in which the participants are introduced to The Medirest Way through a combination of stories, fun activities and a fantastic memory technique that allows for effortless recall of the 5 behaviours that we want all of our people to focus on. Having delivered this in 4 hospitals to hundreds of our team members, the results have been tangible. There was an initial excitement and buzz, and 4 months on, this has been sustained. Our clients have already noticed a positive difference in the behaviours of our people, and have themselves engaged Liberation International, our provider, to take their own people through a similar workshop.

The 5 Key Behaviours

We wanted our people to leave the workshop enthused and ready and willing to manifest The Medirest Way through 5 key behaviours:

  • Always be clean and tidy both in your appearance and in your working environment.

  • Always engage and acknowledge people in the hospital and let them know that you care, whether they be patients, visitors, medical teams or colleagues.

  • Deliver outstanding service with pride.

  • While at work, focus like an eagle on opportunities to help people and deliver the above.

  • Always be upbeat, positive and courteous in your words and language.

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