Our mission

A single-minded focus on creating and maintaining the best possible infection control outcomes.

Our Mission

With the expectations of the Department of Health, Care Quality Commission and wider stakeholder groups at the forefront of our approach, a+ delivers the very highest standards in cleanliness and hygiene.

Over the past decade, UK healthcare cleanliness has been constantly under the microscope, with extensive and often intrusive media interest in the levels of infection in hospitals, particularly rates associated with MRSA and Clostridium Difficile. This has significantly raised public awareness of cleanliness and the importance of infection control. Increasingly, patients choose their hospital on the basis of its infection control performance.

Providing a clean and safe environment remains a key priority across healthcare settings. Independent scrutiny has never been greater, as demonstrated by the creation, in 2011, of a new Publicly Available Standard for hospital cleanliness (PAS 5748).

At the same time, after a long period of growth, the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history, with budgets tightened and a requirement to deliver £20bn of efficiency savings in five years. We understand that value for money must be balanced against the continued delivery of the highest cleaning standards. a+ delivers confidence and peace of mind – operationally, technically, commercially.

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