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Why medirest

The a+ brand is one of Medirest’s core service offers. As well as cleaning, Medirest provides a full range of support services, from catering, security and logistics, to retail, waste management and linen and laundry. Like every other service, a+ benefits from the strength and expertise of the Compass Group, of which Medirest is part of.

Some interesting information:

  • With nearly 10,000 cleaners in its ranks, Compass has a rich heritage of expertise in keeping a wide range of environments clean.

  • Using the scale of Compass Group, the a+ brand provides the best equipment, materials, chemicals and tools to do the job.

  • Connecting to other Compass countries, Medirest ensures that the very latest infection control and prevention thinking is adopted into the UK business.

  • With Medirest’s reach, we offer specialist services as part of the a+ offer – window cleaning, pest control and waste management.

  • With Medirest’s market reputation and credibility, a+ has developed robust partnerships with a number of expert suppliers to provide leading and sometimes exclusive solutions, e.g. hydrogen peroxide decontamination, microfibre laundry with ozone.

  • Medirest holds strong environmental credentials, with the virtual elimination of paper from the auditing process and with reduced chemical and water use in the a+ advanced solution.

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