Operational Performance

Working to achieve major operational improvements and savings.

Operational Performance

Over the many years that Medirest and a+ have provided cleaning services to the healthcare market and major consideration has been the delivery of best practice and operational excellence through establishing the best processes and systems for the assessment implementation and review of our cleaning services.

As a part of the Compass Group we benefit from tried and tested method statements developed by our global healthcare teams. These method statements are located on a global portal access by all of Compass Group teams and this is called the Compass Service Framework.

In addition have a team of highly regarded technical experts who work to ensure that the a+ proposition is at the leading edge of thinking and market expectation. A prime example of this is the recent alignment of the a+ cleaning system to meet the PAS 5748 cleaning standard. This provides a consensus based specification for planning, measuring and improving cleanliness services in healthcare. It is designed for use in acute, community and mental health hospitals and is intended as an additional tool, to be used alongside the National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS (NSC). Use of PAS 5748 is not be mandatory but given that Hospitals will be able to use it to provide evidence of good practice to the Care Quality Commission that nationally agreed procedures are in place for their premises and that they are clean and safe for patients. This standard should be the benchmark to which we align our standards and our contracts to.

We have also recently been applying operational excellence programmes to review our cleaning performance in contract using lean principles and this has led to some significant and beneficial developments in our understanding and our clients understanding of delivering optimal cleaning services to our contacts.

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