Medirest and Compass

Medirest is the UK’s market-leading provider of integrated facilities management services to the healthcare sector, and its cleaning brand is a+.

Compass and Medirest

Healthcare and healthcare professionals trust a+ to protect their patients, colleagues and visitors while enhancing patient recovery and well-being. Our holistic approach to cleaning and infection control gives you confidence and peace of mind. Our extensive experience in healthcare means that we know just what to do to keep the environment clean and safe – every single day.

a+ is built around your needs and those of your patients and users. We tailor our solution to meet the challenges you face. We use the level of technology that you are comfortable with: if you prefer a traditional approach, we will implement the best traditional system you can get; if you want the latest, scientifically-proven technologies, we will implement a technology-driven solution. With both approaches, we will deliver consistently high standards of cleanliness right across your operation.

Whatever your needs, infection control is at the heart of our solution. We understand that many factors drive infection prevention and that a clean environment is a great place to start the fight against infection. Clean environments are what we deliver.

In all cases, our approach is based on our long-established common operating platform. This platform is founded on clear and accountable leadership, fully engaged and trained teams, a next-generation auditing and quality assurance system, and client transparency.

a+ is an intelligent and client-centred proposition that embraces innovation and change at the same time as delivering consistently high standards for the benefit of all stakeholders – a+ is clean and safe for you. We’re proud when you put your reputation for safety and patient well-being in our hands.

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