Making You Savings

Making you savings


While our operational concentration must remain on the elimination of the risk of infection, the systems, processes and technology that we bring to bear on every contract means that we also expect to make substantial savings simultaneously – both financial and environmental.

For example, we introduced a+ cleaning into one District General hospital with 400 beds and 150,000 patient visits per annum, and it was selected as the development site for a+ and the introduction of Microfibre. Better productivity, arising from the introduction of Microfibre to the cleaning of departments, resulted in a saving of almost 270 hours per week. Following full implementation of the system, input hours were also reduced, representing an overall saving of 17% per annum. These savings were able to fund new services, offer a rebate to the Trust in year one, purchase new and replacement equipment, provide new staff uniforms and provide further investment into improvements in the patient environment.


In addition to the financial benefits of working with a+, our extensive recycling and re-use programme, covering cooking oil, coffee grounds, photocopying paper and toner cartridges, brings significant environmental benefits too.

We use biodegradable and compostable disposables and work actively with our top five suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint, and are particularly proud to be rolling out a national programme for cooked food waste recycling. Using bio-digestion and composting technology, we will reduce landfill waste and the harmful greenhouse gases this produces

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