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One of the most important tools being adopted in healthcare cleaning operation is the use of microfibres.

Microfibres are replacing cotton mops as ways to dry dust and wet clean surfaces. Combined with dual chamber mop buckets that separate dirty and fresh cleaning solutions, these tools help prevent cross-contamination.

What is Microfibre?

Microfibre is a very fine fibre, less than one denier, which is about 1/100th of a human hair. Each fibre has micro-wedges removed from it, which create pockets for dirt to collect in. When these extremely thin fibres are woven together they make up one single strand, which can then be put into the form of a towel or other microfibre product.

How does Microfibre work?

The threads are so fine that they are able to work in to microscopic pores and pull out particles from tough to reach areas. Microfibre works by picking up and trapping particles within the wedges of each microscopic fibre. The exposed surface area of microfibre threads makes it vastly superior to other cleaning materials, which often only move dirt around, rather than trapping and removing it. Microfibre products often have 10 – 40 times the surface area of a standard cotton towel. The increased surface area makes it the perfect tool to pick up dust, dirt, grease, moisture, and other particles.

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