a+ Infection Prevention

Infection prevention and infection control are core to our ethos – they are simply part of the way we do business. Why? Because we understand how crucial they are to the delivery of excellent patient outcomes.

Infection prevention

We all understand that cleanliness is a key enabler for delivering great infection control outcomes. In fact, we prefer to think of our role as helping to deliver infection prevention across your environment. Whatever solution you choose, a+ traditional or a+ advanced, infection control will drive everything that we do.

All of our cleaning team are fully trained in infection control, with regular refreshers. From the very beginning, we will engage with your infection control lead and their team openly, fully and regularly. And we are ready to deploy the technology you are comfortable with to drive the infection control agenda; we will upgrade our approach during any outbreak of infection; with the use of ozone, we can guarantee decontamination when laundering cloths and mops; with our swabbing system, we can easily assess loading of organic material. We can decontaminate rooms on an ad hoc or regular basis using state of the art systems.

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