a+ Designed to meet your needs

Whatever your hospital environment – and we understand all hospitals are different. – and whatever your view on technology, there is an a+ solution to meet the needs of your patients, visitors and NHS colleagues.

Designed to meet your needs

Quite rightly, clients want consistency of service delivery as well as high standards, but these need to be delivered in a wide range of circumstances. We also know that clients have a range of perspectives on the use of contemporary technologies in cleaning and infection prevention.

That’s why a+ is designed to be flexible. There is a solution for all types of setting, from city clinics and care centres to community hospitals and large acute teaching hospitals. We clean 1 million square metres of hospital premises every day – whatever the weather, whatever the traffic flow.

That flexibility also includes the way we clean. If you want a traditional approach to cleaning, a+ will deliver one, built around established and proven cleaning techniques and methods. We call this ‘a+ traditional’. Alternatively, if you want to access the latest technologies to deliver exceptional infection control in cleaning across your site, a+ will deliver that too; we will implement a microfibre-based cleaning system, with reduced chemical use, an ozone-utilising laundry system and advanced decontamination techniques such as hydrogen peroxide vapour. At the same time, it may also deliver some productivity gains. We call this ‘a+ advanced’.

Whatever your outlook, there is a solution that will meet your needs; once we understand your priorities and your environment, we can design a solution that delivers the right outcomes – clean and safe – consistently. In either case, the solution will be built on excellent foundations – leadership, trained and engaged teams, access to the right equipment and an innovative auditing system.

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