a+ Standards, Scrutiny and Auditing

We know that cleaning is all about confidence and peace of mind. To feel these, clients must know that standards are being delivered day in, day out.


PRISM is the a+ auditing solution. A bespoke, web-based monitoring and reporting system, it has been created and developed by Medirest for use within a+. It allows the a+ team to regularly review cleaning standards, understand key performance parameters and spot emerging trends. Through this comprehensive approach, we deliver complete client assurance, monitoring the service daily.

PRISM can be configured to monitor against both the National Specifications for Cleanliness and PAS5748. In every case, local specifications and characteristics are loaded into the framework to create a fully-tailored quality management platform. Site-specific input data means highly robust information for any aspect of an environment – a ward, a floor, a building, a hospital, a multi-site contract.

Using specially selected handheld PDAs, users can confirm that work has been completed to the required standards, undertake equipment audits, check the correct use of materials and report non-compliance. All audits are captured in the management information system and are immediately available for review and analysis by the a+ team.

This management information is also fully available to clients through a web portal, accessed via a dedicated password. Clients are able to generate a multitude of performance reports about their environment - detailed analysis and trend data, non-conformance reports and individual inspection reports. PRISM’s reporting suite is quick and easy to use, delivering accurate, high quality and real-time management information.

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