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Raising the standards in food

Steamplicity is an award-winning system for cooking food in a healthy nutritious way whilst saving labour, energy and space and reducing waste.

Proven to taste better and increase choice and participation, this system can change the face of public catering.

Steamplicity is Compass Group’s unique patented cooking system that steams food to perfection in just four minutes using minimal equipment.

The benefits include:

  • Significant direct and indirect cost savings

  • Reduction in space and capital cost requirement

  • Fresher, more nutritious food

  • Proven health benefits

  • Reduced food and packaging waste

  • Broader menu choice

  • Special diets more easily catered for

  • Fewer ‘food miles’

In addition to all the practical benefits above, our system also produces meals that patients prefer, according to blind taste tests carried out by objective third-party researchers.

The Patient Experience

Steamplicity can change the whole patient meal experience.

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Steamplicity - The Technology

It’s the clever use of technology that makes Steamplicity unique. Each meal is cooked in packaging that contains a patented steam-release valve - like a mini pressure cooker, that regulates temperature throughout the cooking process.

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